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WL32 – Wheel Loaders

WL32 – The powerful little guy

Thanks to its narrow machine width, the wheel loader WL32 provides first-class work results, above all in confined spaces. Its low passage height also makes it the ideal supplier of material in structural works or buildings. It is therefore very powerful on the go with up to 100 liters of hydraulic performance and is ideal for the use of additional attachments


  • Compact dimensions with a passage height of less than 2.5 meters
  • Powerful hydraulic performance with up to 100 liters
  • Low turning radius
  • Hydrostatic all-wheel drive and articulated pendulum steering
  • Large selection of attachments

Maneuverable into the smallest angles
Due to the articulated pendulum joint, the machines are extremely maneuverable andalways have good traction, even in uneven ground conditions.

100 percent connectable differential lock
Good traction, even ondifficult substrate, allows you up to a 100% connectable differential lock.

Numerous connections for attachments
Use the wheel loaders fromWacker Neuson as you need them – the matching hydraulic connections make it possible.

Comfortable cabin design
The cabins of our wheel loadersoffer plenty of comfort due to their spacious design and outfitting details.

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