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1501 Wheel Dumpers

1501 – Still more possibilities

The 1,500 kg payload and optional swivel tipping skip enhance the range and variety of the dumper’s applications. Even in very confined spaces, materials can be dumped precisely.


  • High-tipping skip (1.45 m dumping height); optional swivel tipping skip, maximum payload 1,500 kg.
  • Hydrostatic twin-lock four-wheel drive.
  • Continuously variable speed up to 16 km/h max.
  • Large service and maintenance access.
  • Clearly laid out instrument panel and wide, robust leg protection.

Twin Lock-Drive System

On highly uneven surfaces, one wheel loses traction at some point and rotates freely. The Twin Lock all-wheel drive system from Wacker Neuson responds quickly: as each of the four wheels has its own hydraulic motor, power is always optimally distributed.

  • All-wheel drive with its own hydraulic motor
  • Easy maintenance and cost savings because no changing of gear oil and brake fluid is necessary
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