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  • TH744 - Everything under control in one hand

    The multifunctional joystick of the TH744 is a true all-rounder – it controls 16 functions. Practical for night job sites: the joystick and all of the switches are illuminated. The cabin of the Wacker Neuson telehandler is very comfortable and highly ergonomic. A comfortable, adjustable seat and practically arranged operator's controls ensure even more precise work. Excellent visibility and a low noise level make the TH744 a comfortable place to work. And the telehandler also convinces with an enormous stacking height of 7.017 meters combined with a payload of 4.4 tons.
  • Reaching new heights in versatility.

    The TH955 telehandler from Wacker Neuson, with an 8.75 meter stacking height, is the specialist you need to call on when it's time to aim high. Low fuel consumption at high torque and numerous innovative assistance systems make the largest Wacker Neuson Telehandler TH955 ready to take on the hardest applications in day-to-day operations on the job site.
    • 156 PS Deutz engine, exhaust emissions level IV for maximum performance
    • Automatic bucket return system for more rapid work cycles
    • Infinitely variable drive system ecospeedPro
    • 5.5-ton payload
    • Increased stability through leveling and oscillating axle lock (optional)
  • WL20 - Multi-talent in confined spaces

    The Wacker Neuson wheel loader WL20 is ready to work anywhere - in the narrowest of lanes. And not only that: The wheel loader also provides first-class work results, even in the tightest of working conditions, convincing across the board. In addition to high working comfort and excellent safety standards, the wheel loader WL20 offers extreme maneuverability, speed, is space-saving in application and is easy to transport from construction site to construction site.
  • WL20e - Innovative, electric, emission-free – the wheel loader with electric drive

    The WL20e wheel loader model is the first purely electrically operated wheel loader from Wacker Neuson. As with all of our wheel loaders, it convinces through first-class performance. Two electric engines, one for the drive system and one for the work hydraulics, ensure that the performance features of the WL20e correspond to those of the conventional machine. At the same time, the wheel loader works completely exhaust free and with significantly lower noise emissions. For the end user, this means greater flexibility in application, environmental protection and significant savings with operating costs.
  • WL32 - The powerful little guy

    Thanks to its narrow machine width, the wheel loader WL32 provides first-class work results, above all in confined spaces. Its low passage height also makes it the ideal supplier of material in structural works or buildings. It is therefore very powerful on the go with up to 100 liters of hydraulic performance and is ideal for the use of additional attachments
  • WL44 - Everything that requires productive work

    You don’t have to do without anything, even with our entry-level models – especially not when it comes to performance. The sturdy and sophisticated technology of our wheel loaders has been time-tested and proven in many applications. This makes them into particularly reliable performance machines on any construction site – a cost-benefit calculation that works.
  • WL52 - The classic on the construction site

    The wheel loader WL52 should not be missing on any construction site. In addition to powerful hydraulics, it also offers an extremely easy-to-use joystick pilot control to allow operators fatigue-free working, even during long workdays. The powerhouse with lots of power in the engine also convinces with high ripping forces and amply dimensioned tipping cylinders. Ideally suited for frequent material handling and many loading cycles.
  • WL60 - The efficient top performer

    The WL60 can't be beat in efficiency: Thanks to the optionally available demand-controlled load sensing system, which ensures that the work hydraulics do not run as well when driving. This reduces the energy consumption of the machine significantly. The WL60 also offers state-of-the-art engine technology according to the latest emission standard level IV. The so-called flow sharing allows for the simultaneous operation of several work functions such as lifting, rolling-in or operating a hydraulic attachment. In addition, the WL60 is extremely stable thanks to an optimal weight distribution and has the greatest lifting height of its performance class. The WL60 is therefore the optimal choice when things are to be quick and environmentally friendly.
  • WL70 – The Powerhouse

    Thanks to the latest engine technology pursuant to the latest exhaust emission standard, the WL70 offers an extremely efficient, but also powerful engine that makes the wheel loader a powerhouse in action. This is being supported by a very robust, powerful load-arm design, which makes a quick and efficient materials handling possible. All electrical functions of attachment tools can optionally be operated by joystick. This increases efficiency and allows faster workflows.