About us

New Zealand Equipment Group (NZEG), is a Central Forklift Group Ltd Partner comapny and distributor of globally proven machinery brands including the word renowned Takeuchi brand. Our key markets include the construction, contracting and civil engineering sectors in New Zealand and the Pacific Islands, including Papua New Guinea.

We are experienced in the management of fleet purchasing for corporations or one-off sales to SMEs, the latter of which we recognize as the backbone of the business economies of New Zealand and our Pacific neighbours.

NZEG prides itself in developing sustainable relationships with both customers and suppliers, and we seek to buy ‘New Zealand made’ where possible and have strategic partnerships with many local firms.

We have a dedicated network of service agents throughout New Zealand who offer a maintenance and repair capability where and when customers need it, and to whom we supply a full inventory of parts. In terms of the Pacific Islands, we can distribute parts directly and, if necessary, can deploy a qualified technician to assist with repairs and maintenance.

Our vision for community building

A key NZEG strategy will be to create an Insight Community.

An insight community is composed of our most trusted stakeholders — our employees, customers, partners, friends and followers. Insight community members give us rapid and ongoing feedback – actionable intelligence we can use to make confident business decisions.

Insight communities will enable us to engage with customers in an ongoing, two-way dialogue that respects their individuality and their humanity, and which complements other data sources, like Big Data, CRM and social media analytics.

Through creating an insight community, we will gain a comprehensive understanding of our customers. When we understand the perspectives, needs and desires of our customers, we can make smarter, more confident decisions.

Insight communities help guide growth with intelligence gathered directly from the customers who fuel it. Unlike ad hoc surveys, insight communities are comprised of customers who have opted in to give feedback. They’ve done so because they know that we will take their feedback seriously.

Our Beliefs

We value our people

Without them outrageous customer service and positive customer experiences would not exist, a lightening response generated through speed, agility and spontaneity would not occur, and our lives would not be as rich had we not worked together in an environment of mutual respect with abundant fun.

We value speed, agility and spontaneity

In environment where people are committed to the rapid growth of our business through displays of consistent excellence, augmented by bursts of genius. We believe in risk-takers who take the team with them, who have the visionary leadership and communication skills to capture the imagination.

We believe in an open andhonestworking environment

Where people feel valued, where they are well informed and can ask anything, and where they feel secure to be positively provocative. We value high morale and believe in straight talk. We believe in learning and education, and view it as a continuum. We will provide learning opportunities to our people. We believe in being an employer of first choice.

We believe performance is the lifeblood of our organization

Not just financial performance in isolation, but the synergy of people, technology and innovation. Performance means being accountable to the high standards we set ourselves.

We constantly strive to achieve higher levels in all aspects of our performance

Our customers are our best consultants and they cost nothing.  Performance feedback requires an open-minded attitude towards change. We value the agility it takes to change. We believe in the employee – profit chain: Empowered staff with high morale = highly satisfied customers = profit.

We believe success is a cause de celebre

We value the need to celebrate success and recognize our hero’s individually and as a team. We believe in the restlessness of a high performing culture, where comfort zones are gladly relinquished for the discomfort of risk taking and the ultimate success it brings. We live by the maxim: Fortes Fortuna Juvat.

We treat failure as a wise friend; we are human, therefore we err

However, we will not accept silver medals where gold was lost for lack of commitment.  We value tenacious learners who accept accountability and who never make the same mistake twice.  We value letting things go.

We value our families

We love our kids. We value our leisure time and will provide opportunities for our people to take time out in addition to those required by law. We value the contribution that families make to the overall success of our business and will create opportunities to include family members as part of the team.

We value innovation and creativity

We believe everyone has the potential to be innovative and creative. It helps to be a little weird – but you don’t have to be. It needs the right environment; our company will create it. It needs the right education; our company will provide it. It needs to be applied; we’ll take the risks. We value the creative spirit and we are tolerant of weirdoes.

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