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The TB138FR is a revolutionary and patented design machine, it is fitted with a unique Side Shifting Boom which travels from the right side of the machine to the left side of the machine giving it unsurpassed versatility. The letters "FR" stand for Zero Swing Front and Rear to understand the benefits of this system a demonstration is a must. This boom configuration makes the TB138FR the most stable and versatile Zero Swing machine in its class on the market today. The benefits of this machine are best seen when working in restricted areas, first and foremost drain laying, house footings, road side shoulder work and all similar restricted areas. The total range of Takeuchi machines is designed and engineered to give the owner the lowest operating costs in the industry, with all new machines imported into New Zealand by Nationwide Equipment Ltd built solely in JAPAN. 




Excavators (10) Rubber Track Dumpers (1) Track Loaders (3) Used Equipment (6) Zero Swing Excavators (5)