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The TB295W is a new breed of  Wheeled Excavator with major focus on Operator comfort, serviceability and productivity. The auto-motive like cabin interior with air-conditioning, sustention seat and smooth and powerful hydraulics is not only to improve productivity but to reduce the stress on the operator making for a safer working environment both inside and outside the cabin. The TB295W has an extensive range of features including 2 piece boom with boom and arm holding valves, proportional control auxiliary hydraulics, accumulator, dual air cleaner element, 3 travel speeds with a road speed of 29km / hr, fuel transfer pump and many more. The engine and hydraulic components are accessible from the rear and side through lift up covers which allows fast and easy access to components and hydraulic hoses. Fitted with off set boom, blade and optional stabiliser legs makes the TB295W idea for shoulder, culvert, bridge abutment and site applications and its ability to travel to and around the job site with speed and with the added advantage in most situations does not require transportation. The total range of Takeuchi machines is designed and engineered to give the owner the lowest operating costs in the industry, with all new machines imported into New Zealand by Nationwide Equipment Ltd built solely in JAPAN. 




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